We are two norwegians with professional background from hospitals and health care.
In February 2003 we decided to move permanently to Marangu, situated in the northern part
of Tanzania, where we have spent many holydays before and have many contacts and friends.

Tone Ellefsrud
(Born in 1958)
is a registered practical nurse. In addition she has a university degree in hospital administration and management, and also a university degree in international human rights and conflict management during crises, catastrophes
and war. Among other employments and engagements she has been member of the acting board of a big, regional hospital in Norway, and also been head of office of a regional branch of the Norwegian Red Cross Organization. During a period in 1995/1996 she participated in the UN mission to Rwanda (UNAMIR) building up and working in a field hospital in Kigali. She has also been politically active on a high level in Norway, being member of the biggest political party, the Labor Party. Among the political engagements within this party, she has been member of the national board, been leader of the regional organization, and has also been set-chairman of the elected board in
her community.

Gunnar Hjorth (Born in 1945)
is a medical doctor, and specialist in family medicine and general practice. He has had many engagements within
the Norwegian medical association, nationally, regionally and locally, mostly within the field of his specialty, and also other medical associations. In addition he has for more than 15 years been arranging professional courses for other doctors of all specialties and other types of health personnel, within the frame of the Norwegian Medical association and also within his own organization.