Kilimanjaro Barn & Helse (Kilimanjaro children & health)

We are registrated as a Private Foundation in Norway (Kilimanjaro Children & Health).
We have a bank account in the Norwegian bank, Modum Sparebank 1, address N-3370 Vikersund, Norway.

Account number: 2270 14 83506, Kilimanjaro Children & health, att: Tone Ellefsrud
IBAN: NO4322701483506, swift SPTRNO22

which is common for all our projects. When doing transfer to this account, please indicate which of the
projects you are supporting.

It should be unnecessary, but we feel the need to stress that all support is used in its totality in the projects.
We don’t take any money for administrative work or administration. But we take the freedom to take money from the project account to cover our expenses for transport, officesupply and other direct costs, but against a bill
and receipt, to be entered into the account through the treasurer and revised by a professional nationally
authorized public accountant.

Rwanda report
The process of national reconciliation through conflict management.
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Kinukamori Falls and the Hall of Chagga Culture

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